Haiyo Yogurt Indonesia, we are a company engaged in the field of top-quality yogurt drink. Of cattle ranches in the quality of the experts note. We give you the best experience for yogurt lovers in Indonesia. From the quality of the milk we've aggregated quality and we only take away from the quality of milk is very good and healthy for the consumer, to the treatment of cattle highly we think in order to get the most for haiyo products which are very good for your health.

Production Process

We use modern machines are very concerned sterilization and also we leave it to the experts to produce milk yogurt production quality. Of the process is a liquid that we change it to powder powder that is more durable and easy to serve. Our process of the form of liquid milk and we change to yogurt. After that we give a flavor that has become a favorite for many people in Indonesia, then we process it into powder. All noticed by experts and observers also products that are safe for consumption. Like the infant milk concerned with the quality and also the nutrients that are beneficial to consumers.

Government Programs

Program is carried out in accordance with the directives and government-funded, we attach great importance to the health and nutritional value, in producing haiyo yogurt to be healthy and safe for consumption. Currently, the government provides and advocate for the people of Indonesia, prefer products that are really healthy. Because so many products currently in Indonesia which mengkesampingkan health and safety for consumption. Especially for beverages, are currently very many drinks that use aspartame (artificial sugar), and this is a chemical that is not good for your konsumsi.jika drink beverage products, and still left a bitter taste after a swig, then it is very in make sure they menyampurkan synthetic sugar. We haiyo yogurt using only genuine original sugar from sugar cane. Without using preservatives, and sweeteners. Haiyo yogurt so very safe for consumption. On the other hand, very haiyo yogurt has nutritional value. Like the infant formula, we maintain the quality and nutritional content in yogurt, so that people can feel the benefits of drinking yogurt without reducing the benefits of yogurt.Digital marketing can build new levels of brand engagement and advocacy, generate almost immediate word of mouth, target audiences to a level of interactivity that today's customers demand, but which no other channel can deliver. Now people need to move on from the question of "why digital?" and start to ask "how digital?"